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About me

Hi everyone! I am 26 year old photographer with a passion for pets! The aim here at ProPawtraits is to capture your pets personality and immortalise it in a photograph. 

A bit about me. I have always loved running around with a camera in my hand but I never really took the hobby seriously until I hit 16 and took an A level in photography. My 18th birthday saw me receive my first DSLR camera and the passion was truly born. From the first blurry snap of a blue tit I knew that photographing animals was my passion. Its taken a few years for me to realise that this is my chosen career, But it dawned on me eventually that no matter what I do, I always come back to the camera. 

Fast forwards to now and I can  often be found of an evening in a hide waiting for the local wildlife, or out snapping pics of my own pets and ponies. We offer packages for all budgets so get in touch if you want a shoot for your furry freinds!



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